Cream Blushes | The Roundup

5 February 2014

I used to not loving cream blushes for they require more effort to blend into the skin as compared to powder. Having own four of this kind, I decided to give them a deserving chance once more. Not that I wore them once and plant my thoughts on, I've tried them several times before concluding anything. You know the drill. 

Cream blushes are the go to category for people with dry skin and often shun away from us the oily skin folks. They give the most natural finish to the cheeks as if you're actually blushing from under the skin. However, being an oily gal, I have to be careful while selecting one or it will add up to the shine my skin has throughout the day. So here are the four cream blushes I have and thoughts on each.

NYX CREAM BLUSH - 01 Rose Petal & 02 Natural ------
Contains 3.5 grams. Blame the Sherlock side of me when I decided to buy two colours with the slightest difference in tone. I was curious what varies one than the other; discovered, Natural has more pink than Rose Petal which looked a little reddish. On the cheeks, I couldn't see any big of a difference either but I'd definitely go for Natural for it suits my skin tone very well. The consistency is super creamy which I opine suits dry skin the best. Depending on my skin behaviour, these sometimes felt a little sticky on the cheeks and did not last for a long while.

TOPSHOP BLUSH - Nutmeg ------
Contains 4 grams. Probably the most unique texture I've ever had in a blush. It has similar consistency as the Sleek Cream To powder Foundation; dries down to a powder finish, except it lasts much, much longer than that. Appears tawny on the skin which I think is fantastic for when having smokey eye look. 

Just like NYX's, this feels very creamy, easy to blend in and dries down to a beautiful, non-sticky sheen on the skin. I personally favour this more out of the rest and would love to test out the pink shades on me. Wait, that's not even enough without mentioning the super-longevity wear this one has; even after running and scrubbing off using water, this stays! I couldn't recall how much this costs but quite certain that it ranges between RM35-RM45 per pot. Quite expensive for a teeny weeny blusher but you need the tiniest bit for both of your cheeks.

If I were to choose only one, Max Factor is probably the one; just because it lasts the most out of the bunch. However, I do wish that they have lighter shades from the range for quite a few of them are already in the darker side. NYX's is not something I would repurchase for it's slacking in the longevity department and it leans on the dry skin formula more. 

As far as Topshop goes, I can't guarantee if I will or will not be buying more from this range. I have a senior of mine who uses the bright pink colour from their cream blush selection and it looked absolutely beautiful on her. So those are my thoughts on these cream blushes. I hope it is helpful for those of you who are looking for one and might wonder what thoughts on each are. 

Do you own any cream blushes? What you thoughts are on those?